Links and Media



Links and Media

On this page you will find links to internet resources meant to help you get connected to those assemblies in our fellowship, deepen your walk with the Lord, and further your study of His Word. Be sure to check back as we hope to add more content in the coming months. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for our Media section.

Local Assembly Directory

Here are some of the other assemblies in the southeast United States with whom we are pleased to fellowship. Those with websites are highlighted:

  • Atlanta  Address: 6115 Oakbrook Pkwy. Norcross, GA 30093  Phone: (770) 603-0874
  • Brooksville  Address: 210 Bell Ave. Brooksville, FL 34601  Phone: (352) 797-7725
  • Charlotte  Address: 1125 N Sharon Amity Rd. Charlotte, NC 28211  Phone: (704) 879-5511
  • Fort Lauderdale Gospel Hall   Address: 1000 SW 25th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312  Phone: (954) 436-2830
  • Jacksonville  Address: 2553 Eagle Bay Drive, Orange Park, FL 32073  Phone: (904) 278-0883
  • Orlando  Address: 1830 Kamler Ave. Orlando, FL 32817  Phone: (407) 282-7228
  • Tampa  Address: 407 E. Cluster Ave. Tampa, FL 33604  Phone: (813) 312-6461
  • North American Assemblies This is a password-protected site that provides a PDF of the directory, List of Some Assemblies in North America. If you would like the login information, feel free to send a request via our contact form.

bible Study Resources

Here you will find a variety of helpful links to aid in your study of God's living Word

  • Bible Hub  This excellent site provides a wealth of resources for Bible study including parallel translations, topical references, Greek and Hebrew study tools, concordances, commentaries, dictionaries, sermons, and devotionals.
  • Bible Apps This is a mobile-friendly version of the Bible Hub.
  • Bible Centre  This site, hosted by brethren in England, contains many Bible commentaries as well as articles on biblical topics and on many areas of practical Christian living. It also provides links to other Christian web sites. And all of this in over 40 languages.
  • STEM Publishing  Short for Sound Teaching on Electric Media, STEM provides e-text of several authors' complete works, such as J.N. Darby, C.H. Mackintosh, and W. Kelly. They also provide major works by many authors and links to other helpful material online.

Audio Content

Here is a short list of links to audio content online, including music, audiobooks, and sermons

  • Grow in Grace  This excellent resource offers recordings of conferences, as well as articles and tracts. strives to be a place where the Bible is simply and clearly taught, bringing the world to a more perfect knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by providing mp3s, tracts, and conference information for the benefit of all.
  •  This web site offers audio files of sermons on-line, each one giving a message on a topic or passage of the Word of God. You can either listen to them online or download them. 
  • The Holy Scriptures and Israel  This site offers recordings of Gideon Levytam's radio program, The Holy Scriptures and Israel, in which he preaches through books of the Bible, offering insights with the goal of reaching out to Jewish and non-Jewish people with the gospel and teaching God's word from a Messianic perspective. 
  • Spiritual Songs  This site contains audio files of all 500 hymns in the 1978 music edition of the Spiritual Songs hymn book. These were recorded to allow the listener to hear and learn the hymns in their four-part harmonies (soprano, alto, tenor and bass). Most of the recordings also include the melody line (soprano) by itself in the second half of the audio file.
  • Singing from Spiritual Songs This link has recordings of nearly 100 of the Spiritual Songs being sung in four-part harmony
  • Bible Ministry Recordings  This website contains recordings made at Plymouth Brethren meetings and conferences over the last 40 years. Some are available on CD and others can be streamed online or downloaded. There is also a collection of audio books and Kindle e-books that can be downloaded.


Here is a collection of websites for various publishers of Christian literature

  • Believer's Bookshelf USA  Believers Bookshelf exists for the publication, purchasing, selling, and dissemination of Bibles and Christian literature that emphasizes dispensational and ecclesiastical teaching from the Word of God as popularized by such men as JN Darby, William Kelly, FW Grant, CH Mackintosh. These also include current writers. This link takes you to the store located in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.
  • Believer's Bookshelf Canada  This link takes you to the Believers Bookshelf store in Ontario, Canada.
  • Toward the Mark  This publication, with full archive content available online, is a magazine targeted toward young people.
  • Grace &Truth Publishing  Grace & Truth is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry that publishes gospel tracts, tracts and booklets for Christians, and a monthly magazine. Their readers are world-wide, and they are supported by free-will offerings from those who value the work and use their material. They generously offer their entire magazine archive for free on their website.
  • Chapter Two Books  The Chapter Two trust was founded in 1976 in London with the aim of spreading the Christian faith in its New Testament simplicity. Chapter Two does not represent a denomination and is not the official organ of any group or sect. They provide literature from brethren worldwide, including some Christian children's literature.


  • Song List  Click here for the song list that we use for our times of praise and worship 
  • PB Group  The Praying Brethren Group is an electronic mailing list. Those subscribed will receive messages that are sent to the group by other subscribers. Any subscriber in good standing can send a message to the group. Each day subscribers will receive at least one message, and usually no more than two or three in total.
  • Fund for Christian Service  The Fund for Christian Service is a non-profit, US tax-exempt organization supporting missionary work and other Christian activities among our fellowship of Christian assemblies gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Spiritual Songs app  This is an app for iOS which contains the full content of the 500 hymns in the Spiritual Songs hymnal. Or you could click here for an online text version of the hymns.



Here you will find various videos, recordings, and media resources taken from the ministry of Pine Street Chapel.

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